Suggested MSRP: $1169 USD


Lorraine Bel-Aire Deluxe Ebony Reclining Sofa

The three-seater Lorraine Bel-Aire Deluxe Ebony Reclining Sofa is so sophisticated, you’d never think it was a lounger. Watch a big game or hunker down for a movie! You can sit upright or have your feet up and stretched out to maximum comfort. You’re fully supported from head to toe. The billowing back, seat and pillow arms give you ample of cushy support. Plus, your legs and feet will feel fully rested —one unison leg support with no gaps. The Lorraine Bel-Aire Deluxe Reclining Sofa is little to no maintenance. Just wipe with a dry clean cloth and your sofa will look like new. The high-end Bel-Aire leather feels and looks like top grain leather. It has a gorgeous sheen and soft to the touch. It breathes well so you’ll never feel too hot or cold. The only thing the Lorraine Bel-Aire Deluxe Ebony Recliner Sofa wants you to do, is to sit back, kick up your feet and lounge!

Suggested MSRP: $1169 USD