Chenille Sofa Set

The London Chenille sofa gives you maximum comfort with high back support and extra, pillow arm cushioning, with the soft luxurious chenille upholstery.


The Lorraine reclining living room set is upholstered in a beautiful Bel-aire leather. You get all the benefits of leather without the maintenance.

Crawford Recliner

The Crawford Collection is insipred by the comforts of home. We've designed a three piece, reclining, sofa set that allows every member of your family to kick back and unwind.

Sofa Set

The Jamieson Collection is made for families that love the look of contemporary clean lines, but still want the comfort and support of billowing high back cushions and pillow-top arm support.

Hannah Luxury Double Chaise Sectional/Sleeper

The multi-functional sectional/sleeper provides ample of room and lots of storage. It features a double chaise, a center pull-out and two storage compartments.


The Mattress collection was designed to give you the most supportive and restorative rest. The collection includes: Gel Memory Foam, Hybrid and Deluxe Hybrid.