Suggested MSRP: $714 USD



The London Luxury Chenille Sofa

[The London Luxury 2019 Collection is no longer available, and it is discontinued.]

This contemporary gray chenille sofa is the perfect anchor for any family or living room. Unlike other chenille fabrics, the luxury edition is made with a higher count of natural fibers — with more cotton fibers, the sofa will wear better. It’s much softer to the touch. The luxury edition, London Sofa will always hold its form. The attached back and seat cushions will hold their shape. Your sofa will always look neat and clean. In addition to the contemporary style, the London is super comfortable. It features oversized pillow top arm supports. It’s made with high quality craftsmanship. The seams have all be re-enforced to prolong the life of your cushions and the frame is made from sturdy, furniture-grade wood.

Suggested MSRP: $714 USD