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The Mattress Collection

The Mattress Collection is composed of three different mattress styles — to suit everyone's sleeping positions. Regardless of the mattress you choose, you'll be able to get restorative sleep every night. You'll wake up more restored and rejunvenated, so you can make the most out of each day!
Comfort Gel
The Comfort Gel is the very best technology in memory foam mattresses. It uses a mix of gel latex and high grade foam. The latex helps with air circulation — keeping you cool while you sleep. You'll never be woken up in the middle of the night feeling too hot. As well, the added layer of gel latex provides additional comfort.
Sleep Rest
If you're someone who loves the support of an innerspring mattress, then The Sleep Rest hybrid mattress will fulfill all your wishes. The innerspring is made up of individually wrapped pocket coils, which moves independently from each other. It's topped with memory foam to give you extra comfort and an ultra-plush pillow top.
Supreme Laxtex Hybrid
The Supreme Mattress is the ultimate in luxury. It combines the best of the Sleep Rest and the Comfort Gel into one. The Supreme is topped with a gel Latex topper. The gel viscos is made up of tiny bubbles. The bubbles help with air circulation, which allows you to stay cool at night and additional comfort. It sits on top of memory foam. The foam craddles your joints and muscules, giving you maximum pressure relase. So you never feel any pins and needles even when you're in one position for an extended period of time. Underneath it all are individually wrapped pocket coils. The pocket coils provide the very best in support and motion transfer — it adjusts to your movement. The Supreme will help you stay relaxed. So when you fall asleep, you'll be able to stay asleep. It'll give you a chance to get the restorative sleep you deserve.  

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The Inspiration

Mattress Inspiration

We had just moved houses and we were looking for a new mattress to replace our old tired mattress (one that was lugged around in college and eventually into adulthood). While shopping, we were very confused with the whole shopping experience. We never knew the specs or the models of the mattresses we were trying. Leaving so frustrated, we wanted to change that experience. We kept it simple and designed a collection that would suit every body! Since your bed is the first place you start your day from and end your day on, we wanted to create a collection that was affordable. A collection that everyone would be able to get access to. We designed the Comfort Gel, Sleep Rest and Supreme with the intent to make shipping easy — ready from right out-of-the-box!

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Premium Quality
Supreme Latex Hybrid King Mattress
Supreme Latex King Hybrid Mattress
Suggested MSRP: $1548USD
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Supreme Latex Hybrid Queen Mattress
Supreme Latex Queen Hybrid Mattress
Suggested MSRP: $1428USD
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Sleep Rest Hybrid King Mattress
Sleep Rest King Hybrid Mattress
Suggested MSRP: $1428USD
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Sleep Rest Hybrid Queen Mattress
Sleep Rest Queen Hybrid Mattress
Suggested MSRP: $1299USD
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Comfort Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
Comfort Gel Memory Foam King Mattress
Suggested MSRP: $1299USD
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Comfort Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress
Comfort Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress
Suggested MSRP: $1299USD
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